Workshop report

The final workshop report has been published.

The Proceedings of the Trial

The Trial, where benchmarking was accused of being unscientific, commenced in the workshop in a friendly tone. It sparked some intense debate on both sides of the case. Read on for the proceedings and the verdict of the Trial.

Call for Witnesses

The Empirical Workshop will feature "The Trial", a novel element in which benchmarking is accused of being unscientific. Benchmarking reserves the right to remain silent, so the prosecutor will argue that this accusation is true, while the defense will argue that the practice fulfills all the essential criterions of being scientific.

Workshop Program

The Empirical 2014 workshop brings several novel elements to ESWC 2014. We open with an invited talk by Abraham Bernstein. This talk will provide context for scientists in the Semantic Web and Linked Data domain about the purpose of research questions and their associated hypotheses, the tension between rigor and relevance thereof, possible evaluation approaches typically used, and pitfalls in terms of reliability and validity.

Workshop invitation

The Empirical 2014 workshop is a half-day workshop that will open the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2014 and seeks to gather people from all fields to work together to enhance our evaluation methodology.

Statistical inference using hypothesis-testing methods is not commonly used to support empirical results reported in the Semantic Web literature. Thus, given the impact that these statistical methods may have on different domains, attendees may see the workshop as a venue to discuss the applicability of these methods in their current studies.

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